Welcome to Maxim Marketing

Welcome To maxim marketing

Maxim Group is a Karachi-based group of companies

Maxim Marketing has marketed and sold a large number of real estate projects of all types and denomination over the years and continues its onward journey unabated. The concept and the systems pioneered by us are today emulated successfully all across the industry, all over the country. Indeed, we are proud of the fact that we have changed and transformed for good the way real estate marketing is done in this country.

Our Services

Marketing of Joint-Venture Projects

We also undertake assignments of the leading local and international construction companies on joint venture basis. Through this mode. we utterly take core of all the marketing activities as well os the management activates of the project along with providing assistance for financial recoveries, record maintenance, consultancy and expertise, project management. With the shining history of triumphantly launching many prestigious projects with both government and private sector clients, Maxim Marketing hos now achieved sheer expertise and experience to prepare and execute total marketing plans for all types of real estate projects anywhere in the world.

Marketing of Clients' Projects

Maxim marketing has always been considered as the true market leader of innovative real-estate marketing. With immensely experienced and qualified team of successful marketing professionals, Maxim Marketing hos developed o sound reputation and on outstanding record of accomplishments. In foci, the team behind Maxim Marketing enjoys the honour of establishing the Real-Estate Marketing Sector in Pakistan by undertaking numerous projects of clients with resounding success. Operating through this mode, a certain share of the total estimated sole value of the projecr is settled in the form of on agreement os remuneration for our marketing services.

Marketing of In-house Projects

We look after all the marketing operations of the projects developed by the companies of Maxim Group. The team skilled with apex professionalism hos emerged as trendsetters of professional real estate marketing in Pakistan with several successful in-house projects ro their credit.

Recent Projects

Here is an overview of the various projects, completed or under completion, by the companies working under the umbrella of Maxim Properties:

Our Expert Team

We Have Long Professional & experience Team.


Maxim Group is a Karachi based group of companies

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