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Over the years, private entrepreneurs have played an increasingly significant role in the growth of the housing sector in Pakistan. Especially, a new era of housing development began in Karachi, the country’s largest urban centre, about three decades ago that ushered in large scale development of apartment complexes along with cottages and bungalows. Driven by the needs of an evolving market and taking the mantle of growth a step forward, Maxim Marketing emerged on the scene as the pioneer and trendsetter of professional real estate marketing in Pakistan. For the first time in this country, Maxim Marketing introduced the concept of marketing real estate projects under a single package consisting of launching, marketing, advertising, sales and recovery. This pioneering effort was not limited to a mere concept but included complete development of systems and procedures as well trained human resource to carry them out successfully. The impact of the initiative was soon visible to the industry in the quick and outstanding success of the projects marketed by Maxim Marketing. While Maxim Marketing has marketed and sold a large number of projects of all types and denomination over the years and continues its onward journey unabated, the concept and the systems introduced by us are today emulated successfully all across the industry, all over the country. Indeed, we are proud of the fact that we have changed and transformed for good the way real estate marketing is done in this country and the change has served all stakeholders for the better.

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